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Taxi Advertising

November 14, 2014

Moving Billboards – Taxi Advertising

Do you want to increase your brand awareness while stretching your advertising dollar? Why not try advertising on the rear and/or side glass of our taxi cabs?

Taxi cabs can place your message in front of a variety of markets and the signage never grows stale because it’s constantly moving.

Your advertisement will never be out of sight. Whether you represent a large corporation, small business or you are just getting started, placing ads on the windows of taxi cabs will get your product noticed and help gain brand awareness.

Why windows?  The height of placement on rear and side glass means that your message is eye-level, which translates to the fact that it won’t be missed.  Window ads have an “In-Your-Face” effect on all who see your message.

St. Louis Lambert Taxi cabs travel all over St. Louis, and the high visibility is seen by countless people.  This assures significant exposure to the general public and taxi advertising can’t be turned off, tuned out or thrown away.

Taxis follow the population 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and reach a highly targeted audience of consumers – people looking for a drink, an airline, an insurance policy, and all things in between.  People driving to and from work or simply walking down the street will notice your ad as will the customers inside the cabs.

Full color ads are placed on the rear window of each vehicle, yet when inside the vehicle, the see-thru material acts much like a sunscreen and does not hinder the driver’s vision. Since there is no hardware to mount, it gives the cab a cleaner appearance while also increasing the gas mileage over a cab with traditional signage mounts

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